Why Lion Rock?

Born in Beijing, the capital of China, I was then immigrated with my family at a very young age to a small city in the southern part of the country. I was raised there and later attended my university education in Hong Kong. Before I moved to the Silicon Valley and joined Groupon as a software development engineer, I had studied and worked in Hong Kong for seven years and finally became a permanent citizen.

"Lion Rock" is a famous hill in Hong Kong. There was also a very popular TV series called "Below the Lion Rock", with its eponymous theme song, the name had since been the synonym of Hong Kong.

The original song of "Below the Lion Rock"

I spent most of my post-puberty age, when my values and behavior were maturing, in Hong Kong. Inevitable my character and the way of doing things have been more or less stamped with "Hong Kong style". Now as a formal citizen of Hong Kong, not matter I like her or not, I regard her as my home land. As an indelible mark of this Asian metropolis, I shamelessly prefixed myself like an old fashioned noble with the place I came from: "von Lion Rock".

Why Dilbert in Silicon Valley?

Dilbert is a well know comic strip series known for its satirical office humor about a white-collar, micromanaged office featuring the engineer Dilbert as the title character (from Wikipedia).

Dilbert and his dog friend Dogbert

Graduated with an engineering bechelor degree, I have been working as a software developer in large enterprises since -- exactly as a boring white-collar engineer sitting in the office for all day and keeping a regular routine day after day. Or in China we name people like ourselves as "coding farmer" describing the code-related low-level repeative work characteristics. I always find Dilbert's humorous stories makes me feel close and the sarcastic words strikes in my heart as we share too many similarities in both work and life.

After I moved to the US and started to work in the Silicon Valley, I decide to start building my personal website. One day I discussed with my father on the name of my page and blog, and he reminded me about the name of Dilbert. Therefore I borrow the name of this lovely character and attributes with the place I start my new life.